Sonic Moist


Sonic Moist is the latest offering from USA Nails, a London kraut/punk band featuring members of Silent Front, KONG, Hawk Eyes, Oceansize. The ten tracks are full of atonal riffs and pummelling rhythms. The littering of Pissed Jeans references throughout reviews of USA Nails aren’t misplaced; when the band are in full-flow they have the same intense focus, single-mindedness. Oh Caroline gives the first respite of the record, a chugging ditty with lots of love. But in the most part, USA Nails are pissed, and totally brilliant. ■ The tape is a co-release between IHMR and Unwork Records; The vinyl release is courtesy of Smalltown America. ■ More Info


Artist: USA Nails
Title: Sonic Moist
Released: 30NOV2014


  1. Sonic Moist 02:46
  2. Chain Of Command 02:58
  3. Shite At The Palladium 01:49
  4. Distilled Town 02:14
  5. Oh Caroline 03:23
  6. Sometimes I'd Rather See It All 04:39
  7. Am I A Man Or Not 01:48
  8. Seatlicker 02:49
  9. Push Him Back Where He Is From 03:27
  10. Un-Name Everything 03:37


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