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Joy Sound II
Small Joy

Released: 29-FEB-2016
Catalogue: IHMR XVII
Format: Tape


Joy Sound II takes the approaches of Small Joy’s first EP further. The separation between more measured computer arranged pieces and all-analogue squalls is gone.

Small Joy (Lois Hopwood) has extended her approach in all directions. The clusters of distortion are more distorted, such as on Stepping through Ice; a move towards more rhythmic elements, for example on Proximity F; crashing waves of sound, which on Wish U were here become wincingly loud until a sudden end; and more varied dynamics, with In Cold Water building to an almost oppressive quiet.

At 18 minutes, and dubbed on both sides to reduce interruption, Joy Sound II is overpowering.


Joy Sound I
Small Joy

Released: 11-AUG-2014
Catalogue: IHMR VIII
Format: Tape


A visual artist and graphic designer, this is her first musical work.

Joy Sound I consists of four tracks of screaming noise, tones like rumbling factories, dialogue fragments, at times edging towards power electronics. Firmly a Noise record, Joy Sound I deliberately avoids melodies and recognisable notes, processing them into harsh sweeps and bursts. 

The impetus behind the project was her desire to be creative outside of her normal field, and with different approaches - working in a process driven way rather than conceptually.

Joy Sound I is split between tracks created digitally (A Deafening Silence, Eulogy), and tracks consisting entirely of analogue sound (Appreciative Gesture,To See You Smile). These two approaches allow Joy Sound to utilise both the complete freedom of digital and the creative limits of analogue to create a release with much more sonic variety than the phrase '18 minute noise EP' conjures up.