Senior Mom Is Rock!

COP GRAVEYARD is a semi-solo project of Eliot Humphreys, currently featuring drums and trumpet. The four-song EP, Senior Mom Is Rock! is about self deprecation, mental illness, dysfunctional relationships and humanism. ■ Eliot H and Andrew A wrote the songs, initially under the name A Winning Pair. When Andrew Didn't want to do it anymore, Eliot took the songs, changed the name and redid them (sort of). On this EP, Eliot played guitar, sung and wrote the lyrics / spoken bits. Mike J did the drums. Holly C did the trumpets. The EP was recorded, mixed and manufactured at IHMHQ, Manchester.■Eliot plays around Manchester and promotes shows as Cheesus Crust Records, and is committed to growing, or at least salvaging, a positive local DIY scene in the city.

Artist: Cop Graveyard
Title: Senior Mom Is Rock!
Released: APR2015
Catalogue: IHMRX
Format: Tape/Digital


  1. intro

  2. bury me

  3. there's a parasite inside my brain 

  4. in/out

  5. we need to coexist and take care of eachother

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