How To Be Saved And Know It

‘How To Be Saved And Know It’ is the debut release by Schwerpunkt, out on the 28th of July 2014. ■ The name of the project captures both it's impetus and it's aim: Schwerpunkt translates roughly as 'focal point' - pure, focused sound that demands full concentration, for both the artist and the listener. ■ It is a project of Manchester based musician George Rayner-Law — synth and Sampler-er in ‘experimental post-hardcore’ bands Werk and Elk Blood. However, on this release he operates in a very different space, creating music that is meditative and minimal. ■ His interest in process music, drone, Noise, and the early work of Steve Reich is apparent. Indeed, the two tracks are each based around specific processes. A-Side ‘How To Be Saved' features the controlled feedback of multiple microphones. B-Side ‘Free As The Lord Provides' explores reverbs and delays as they interact with a simple tone. ■ Culled from extensive improvisations, this release carries a sense of immediacy - the sound of accidentals and interruptions - doors opening, background dialogue. ■ The packaging is designed around a religious leaflet found in the street, and chimes with the music - minimal but engrossing. The track titles are the first and last phrases found on the leaflet, respectively.

Artist: Schwerpunkt
Title: How To Be Saved And Know It
Released: 28OCT2014
Catalogue: IHMRVII
Format: Tape/Digital


  1. How To Be Saved 08:22
  2. Free As The Lord Provides 08:25


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