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Don't Give Up You Can Do It Artwork 1425.jpg

Don't Give Up You Can Do It

Released: 8-JUN-2018
Catalogue: IHMR XVIII
Format: Tape, Digital


‘Don’t Give Up You Can Do It’ is the second solo release from Schwerpunkt. 

Following in the mould of previous release, ‘How To Be Saved And Know It’, this tape consists of two extended, freeform, pieces, one on each side. The tape finds Schwerpunkt, AKA George Rayner-Law, continuing the process based approach to sound common between Shwerpunkt relates and his contributions to his band, Werk.

Both of these pieces were improvised. Track A, ‘Don’t Give Up’, consists of a synthesised pulse running through a range of delays to create a dry, harsh, abyssal sound. Track B, ‘Your Success Is Guaranteed’, was made by gaffa taping a Bontempi organ to produce a constant drone, then micing the organ through delay, EQ and straight into a tape deck, to create a hyper-saturated sound - a quavering, dense block of noise. The contrast between the two pieces is very sharp - ideology of approach is the strongest link. 

Both recordings sat in George’s archive, until enlivened by a new context - the trip to Tesco. Track A came on shuffle while in Elephant & Castle Tesco, and quickly became the preferred soundtrack to the threatened shopping centre. Indeed, both pieces are rapidly hasten the Gruen Transfer - the moment of confusion in a shopping centre where a consumer forgets their original intention and gets lost in retail. Sound best experienced as a soundtrack to the capitalism’s death rattle. 

The artwork is based on a religious pamphlet, drawn from the artist’s extensive collection. The current trend in religious pamphlets is a co-option of ‘wellness’ culture and imagery - ‘wellness’ itself being part of the same death rattle of capitalism. This artwork is part of that trend - originally designed to look like a health pamphlet, then a flyer about God, now a record cover. 



How To Be Saved
And Know It

Released: 28-OCT-2014
Catalogue: IHMR VII
Format: Tape, Digital


‘How To Be Saved And Know It’ is the debut release by Schwerpunkt, released 28th of October 2014.

The name of the project captures both it's impetus and it's aim: Schwerpunkt translates roughly as 'focal point' - pure, focused sound that demands full concentration, for both the artist and the listener.

It is a project of Manchester based musician George Rayner-Law — synth and Sampler-er in ‘experimental post-hardcore’ bands Werk and Elk Blood. However, on this release he operates in a very different space, creating music that is meditative and minimal.

His interest in process music, drone, Noise, and the early work of Steve Reich is apparent. Indeed, the two tracks are each based around specific processes. A-Side ‘How To Be Saved' features the controlled feedback of multiple microphones. B-Side ‘Free As The Lord Provides' explores reverbs and delays as they interact with a simple tone.

Culled from extensive improvisations, this release carries a sense of immediacy - the sound of accidentals and interruptions - doors opening, background dialogue.

The packaging is designed around a religious leaflet found in the street, and chimes with the music - minimal but engrossing. The track titles are the first and last phrases found on the leaflet, respectively.