Released: SEP-2014
Catalogue: IHMR IX
Format: 7" / Digital


Pjaro began in 2012 as a two-piece made up of Paddy and Robbie from Sheffield. Two years, six releases, many gigs and a couple of side-projects later they added Adam (from Tye Die Tapes, formerly in the bands Bhurgeist, Collider and Naisian) to the fray. Pjaro became the sole musical focus for all three members. 

Their first release as a three-piece is comprised of songs written as "Swordface" for a tour in early 2014 as previous band Collider came to a close. The three songs were recorded at Tye Die Tapes HQ in Sheffield and were engineered, mixed and mastered by Pjaro themselves. This 7” prefigures a full length release from the band.

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