Pjaro began in 2012 as a two-piece made up of Paddy and Robbie from Sheffield. Two years, six releases, many gigs and a couple of side-projects later they added Adam (from Tye Die Tapes, formerly in the bands Bhurgeist, Collider and Naisian) to the fray. Pjaro became the sole musical focus for all three members. ■ Their first release as a three-piece is comprised of songs written as "Swordface" for a tour in early 2014 as previous band Collider came to a close. The three songs were recorded at Tye Die Tapes HQ in Sheffield and were engineered, mixed and mastered by Pjaro themselves. This 7” prefigures a full length release from the band. ■ More Info

Artist: Pjaro
Title: Swordface
Released: SEP2014
Catalogue: IHMRIX
Format: 7"/Digital


  1. Can I Join Your Slowcore Band? 02:28
  2. xoxo 02:13
  3. Skin Merchant 03:12


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