News From Korea

Artist: News From Korea
Title: News From Korea
Released: AUG2015
Catalogue: IHMRXIII
Format: CD/Digital


News From Korea is a new project from Manchester based musician Will Tomlinson. This debut release was recorded at IHMR’s Northern Quarter HQ in Manchester. News From Korea explores and manipulates ideas of perception and representation through trans-formative sounds rendered from images, textured soundscapes, prepared instruments, and improvised guitar.

The self-titled CD is an experiment aimed at creating a dialogue between audience and artist. The case for the CD is deliberately left blank for the listener to illustrate as they wish, and using a free app, PhonoPaper (warmplace.ru) [Google Play] [App Store], they can then render these images, or any other images they wish, as their own unique sounds. News From Korea will be performing with these images as part of an ongoing communication between himself and the audience.