Artist: RVNES
Title: More Bites
Released: 5DEC2015
Catalogue: IHMRXVI
Format: Tape


More Bites is the latest release from Berlin based visual artist and musician Malte Cornelius Jantzen, his first on IHMR and his most effecting to date. More Bites sees RVNES’ ambient tendency turn in on itself, the frustrated and endless feedback soundscape and static carries the kind of intensity that Masonna struggles to elongate for more than a couple of minutes over two twelve minute plus cuts.

Aoiding recognizable melodies and creating some of the harshest, visceral noise pieces imaginable, RVNES creates an exceptional and bewildering piece of underground art. An aural map of desecrated topography, congruent with his dark, experimental photography, More Bites’ is a discordant experiment perfectly suited to tape.

RVNES previously collaborated with MASS on All Men are Prey to the Same Beast, and produced other releases as S ND Y P RL RS.

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